Flight David Friedman Generations Quartet

New Album “Flight” out on March 22nd 2019

New Album: “Flight” by David Friedman Generations Quartet


Malletmuse Records are releasing their third album: “Flight” by David Friedman Generations Quartet! The Album will be released on March 23 2019 and will be available in our only shop, on various platforms such as i-Tunes and Spotify and of course as a physical CD. As always we sell our CD’s only at live concerts. So check when the next concerts is near you.

David Friedman about his upcoming album “Flight”:

“For me, Playing with Clara, Tilo and Josh is a never ending journey into a world of collaborative discovery. This melding of three generations affords us the opportunity to collectively draw from three generations of life experience. I believe it‘s not only about the number of years experiencing life, but rather the varied perspectives involved in the process of self expression, ultimately leading to meaningful artistic gesture.”

David Friedman VIBES

Clara Haberkamp PIANO

Josh Ginsburg BASS

Tilo Weber DRUMS