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David Friedman Generations Quartet

Release: November /29 /2019

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© 2019 / mm 004

David Friedman VIBES

Clara Haberkamp PIANO & VOCALS

Josh Ginsburg BASS

Tilo Weber DRUMS

David Friedman Generations Quartet

24 bitWAV download

© 2019 / mm 003

“I believe it‘s not only about the number of years experiencing life, but rather the varied perspectives involved in the process of self expression, ultimately leading to meaningful artistic gesture.”  David Friedman, Berlin, November 3rd 2018

David Friedman VIBES, Clara Haberkamp PIANO, Josh Ginsburg BASS, Tilo Weber DRUMS

Tilo Weber Quartet 

© 2018 / mm 002

………. Braun’s 

……… an den sonoren trockenen Boden des Wald’s trommelt das Flüchten des Fauns

  • Rainer Maria Rilke

Tilo Weber DRUMS, Hayden Chisholm SAX, Richard Koch TRUMPET, Andreas Lang BASS

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