Malletmuse Records

Malletmuse Records is an independent jazz label from Berlin, founded in 2017 by American vibraphonist David Friedman and German drummer Tilo Weber.

The label will be releasing music of David Friedman’s working bands, such as the Generations Trio with Oliver Potratz and Tilo Weber and the Generations Quartet with Clara Haberkamp, Joshua Ginsburg and Tilo Weber. As David is an active member of the international music scene, Malletmuse Records will also present music from David’s future collaborations and music from drummer Tilo Weber.

We are very happy to work with the following amazing people who make Malletmuse Records possible:

Digital and physical creative professional Jordana Schramm made our wonderful portraits. The artwork and the Malletmuse logo were created by musician and designer Liz Kosack from Maine. Our colleague Oliver Potratz not only plays the bass in the Generations Trio, but also shoots band photos and directs our videos. Music enthusiast Uwe Kerkau promotes our albums in the German-speaking countries, and journalist Wolf Kampmann writes the press releases. Norwegian Painter Liv Krekke Kaada lets us use her wonderful painting for our covers. Finally our friend Katie Lynn Köster translates the german press releases into fluent english.

All compositions and arrangements by David Friedman and Tilo Weber on Malletmuse Records are registered . You can download some compositions as high quality pdfs in our online shop. All other compositions by David are published by ASCAP Futures Passed Music.

Malletmuse Records is an independent label without physical distribution (yet). We sell our CD’s only at live concerts. Please write an e-mail to shop(at), if you can’t wait to get your physical copy.

Thank you for supporting the artist!