Tilo Weber & Jürgen Czisch Wimsar 2021

We’ve got a physical distribution: Jürgen Czisch from NRW Vertrieb will distribute Malletmuse Records

Truely spectacular news: new physical distribution!

We’ve finally found a great solution for a physical distribution.

Tilo swam all the way up to Wismar in North Germany to start a collaboration with Jürgen Czisch.

From now on Jürgen Czisch and his company “NRW Vertrieb” will be distributing all Malletmuse Records album. We are very happy to start this great cooperation. Our CD’s and LP’s are in the best hands now.

How cool is this? You can now purchase our albums in a real store or order them online.

Try it out and order Tilo Weber’s new album “Faun Renaissance” on Ajazz or on NRW Vertrieb.